Monday, February 23, 2015


This Sunday our message was about "Losing your Marbles". A man filled his jar full of marbles and every Sunday he would throw one marble away. This signified his time and how he spent it. He noticed after a year that his jar was almost empty.... he thought for a moment, "man, so much time has passed by. What have I been doing with my life?" So he then did what any normal human being would do... he bought more marbles. =) Now this story stuck out to me because I don't want to just question where I have been spending my time. I want to see my jar half empty and think, WOW I have had such a great year!! I want to be satisfied with how far I have gone and think about my success and happiness from the past year. This message was so refreshing for me because it helped me blink and notice my life in a different way. What shapes me? Am I becoming the woman I truly want to be? Am I spending my time wisely and with important things or just urgent things? You see, Urgent means calling for immediate attention. Important means it's marked by significant worth. There are so many days I think to myself, my days are FILLED with activities and things to do; but, are they urgent things or important things? Lord, I pray that I can start to say no to the things that fill my day with emptiness. I pray that I can put the important things first and never allow the urgent to overrule my life. I pray that I can set the best example for my boys and show them how to spend their time in life wisely. I pray that I am the example of your love and compassion to my co-workers and to my friends and even those that are around me. I want to be different. I want to be that light that shines and people notice and want to know why. I want to prioritize my time accordingly and to your will. I pray that I can trust you with my schedule and know I am not wasting my time. I know my days are numbered by you and I want you to be pleased when I see your face at the gates of Heaven. Thank you for loving me and never failing me. It's funny because I see so much negativity in my life and end up missing the positives. It is said after Jesus was crucified and raised again, He sat at the right hand of God. This symbolizes his "rest" and we seem to forget that. I am so thankful that Jesus shows us how important rest is for our bodies, mind, and soul. Why do I let the negativity get to me? Why do I allow it to take over my time and waste so much just pondering and trying to fix it? I mean, God used the 7th day to rest after creating this amazing universe! Surely I can make time to "sit down" not just for my physical well being but for my mind and soul also. Society has told us that we need to use planners and email and reminders and technology to remind us of all the activities filling our schedules. Can we ever just pencil in "resting period"? Or better yet, PEN it in so we can't erase it and fill it in?! This is my time to REFRESH and REST! Is it possible? Can I do this? If you know me, this is going to be the hardest challenge I ever partake in. I do, however, understand the importance of rest and how my soul will be better because of it. Lord, you are my lighthouse, my footsteps, my every thought. I know you will carry me through and help me continue to better myself and be the woman you want me to be. Check your life and see if you are doing what makes you happy and if you can think, looking back.... can you say you are happy with the way you spent your time? Maybe make a list of the IMPORTANT things and cross out the things you think are urgent; but in reality, it's just taking up your "resting time". =) Today I have taken time to talk to the ones I love, read my daily devotional, and have taken resting time to reflect on my life. Sometimes writing it down just helps solidify these thoughts and even help put them into action. Today is a new day. Let my life be the proof of your love.


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